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The management of Harmonia

Manfred Kronstaller

Manfred Kronstaller

Music is my passion! Parallel to completing my studies in electrical engineering in Munich, I studied conducting in Sergiu Celibidache's class from 1992 until his death. As a musician, I actively play in orchestras, make chamber music, conduct and work musically with ensembles.

  • My instruments:
  • Viola (Pièrre Vidoudez, 1956)
  • Bow (James Tubbs, ca. 1890)
  • Box (GL Cases)
  • Everything insured via our Harmonia - where else...

The insurance concept

From the beginning, the instrument insurance should be kept as uncomplicated as possible for each individual. Thus, we work paperless as far as possible, mainly with word-of-mouth advertising, and for the most part we are even on a first-name basis. In this way, and only in this way, we achieve our extraordinarily favourable conditions.

Nevertheless, Harmonia provides a thoroughly professional insurance for musical instruments with a strong, international service provider (AIG S.A.).

Payments are always made directly and immediately to the account of the insured musician. We have always rejected restrictive additional clauses and catalogues. Therefore, we primarily use the latest version of the "AGB-Musikinstrumente" of the GDV (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.). This guarantees the maximum possible range of benefits and coverage.

A simple e-mail is always sufficient for the inclusion of new instruments, cancellations or changes of any kind. This also applies to invoices, confirmations and replies. Availability by telephone is a matter of course - callbacks are made promptly and competently if necessary.


History of the agency

As a violist myself, I wanted to insure a particularly valuable bow in 1992 and was amazed at the time both at the premium rates for individual instrument groups (e.g. for bows) and at the sometimes obscure conditions and formalities.

Without further ado, I set up a group insurance policy, at that time only for members of the Munich Youth Orchestra (today: Bruckner Academy Orchestra - BAO).

The number of participants grew very quickly and the volume allowed for the design of a new, revolutionary business model including the foundation of a company.

From the very beginning, Harmonia was an insurance agency by musicians for musicians!


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